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Silent Witness exhibition at Ververs Contemporary, Amsterdam

from the Dutch Years series, Delft 1997
Silent Witness, VERVERS gallery Amsterdam

GRID 2010
4th International Photography Biennial: Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.
Runs until the 7th of November 2010 in Amsterdam, Almere, Amstelveen, Haarlem and Zaanstad.

From a review on Unfold Amsterdam:

"Cesare Bedogne’s Innerscapes are haunting images that deal with the idea of travel in the form of loss, memory and solitude. The travels undertaken by us all on our private, inner journeys. His photos layer image upon image and shadow upon shadow to build unforgettable impressions that leave one with questions left unanswered, spaces yet to be filled".

Published on 29 September 2010 | Published in Art | Written by Monte Bergamont