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Self Portrait, Groningen 1996
Cesare Bedogné is an Italian photographer, writer and film-maker. He graduated with honors in Mathematics with a thesis on Minkovski Space-Time and afterdwards, for several years, devoted himself entirely to black and white photography. Starting from the late ‘90’s his photographs have been exhibited, solo and in group shows, in several galleries and museums worldwide. His latest photo-book, entitled “Of Ashes and Wind”, including 110 black and white photographs, was released in 2015 by the no-profit Italian Publishing House ABao AQu.
In the last few years Cesare Bedogné moved to Greece, where also writing increasingly became one of his main means of expression. He published to date four collections of poems and short stories. His first, autobiographical novel “Oltre l’Azzurro” (“Beyond the Blue”) and the author’s photographs, together with the homonymous theatrical performance, were at the basis of the film "Story for an empty theatre", which Cesare Bedognè co-directed with the Russian film-maker Alexandr Balagura. This film was selected to date for over thirty international film festivals and won several awards, both as Best Documentary and Best Experimental Film, such as in the Coral Coast film Festival of Algero (Italy) and in the New Renaissance Film Festival of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Further information is available on the author’s web-site:
After this first filmic experience, Cesare Bedogné devoted mainly to film-making. In 2017 he worked on his second film project, "Maria's Silence", which was also selected for several film festival. Most notably, the film was selected as Best Avantgarde Film in the Concrete Dream Festival of Los Angeles (Philippe Mora Award) and as the Best Feature Narrative in the AMIIWorkFest of Vilnius (Lithuania), organized by Inkubatorius, the biggest educational audio visual art industry center in the Baltic countries. The film will also be presented very soon (June 4th) in the "Films without borders" section of the prestigiuous "One Shot" film festival of Yerevan, Armenia, organized by the Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Arts.
This film will also be at the basis of an exhibition taking place next autumn in the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens, Greece (in this occasion, may enlargements taken from film-stills will also be on display).
Cesare Bedognè is currently working in Lesvos on his third movie project, entitled "The last step of an acrobat".